Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Universe

I was thinking about stuff on my walk from work to my car, which is a pretty long walk because I parked on the street and if you know anything about street parking in DC, you know you may have to park a few block away depending on where you're trying to go. Anyway, I was thinking about my beliefs and for some reasons I remembered "The Law of Attraction" and how it works in absolutes. I was thinking about that because I was hoping that there wasn't a ticket on my car when I got to it. But then I remembered that that law of attraction causes the universe to bring into existence what you say and think about. I also remembered that it works in absolutes; i.e. saying "I want a ticket on my car" and "I DONT want a ticket on my car" is the same thing, kinda like 1 = |-1| (if you remember absolute values from middle school). Anyway, I just wanted to mention that because I think the law of attraction has had a really big impact on my life. I always think positively and I am always blessed in a constant cycle. Even the bad things that I face always pale in comparison to the things I receive. So, um... you should try it.

When ever I say "the Universe," I think it makes people nervous because I didn't say GOD and Jesus (and Santa Claus... yea I'm an asshole). Now don't get me wrong I'm not an atheist or anything like that. In fact, I'm far from it. I love GOD and his song with all of my heart. I say "the Universe" as an extention of GOD. I think of the Universe as GOD's creation, NOT a replacement entity. I think thats why I'm always so confused about when people say that evolution isn't real but "creation" is. My question is "who's to say that evolution wasn't a divine occurrence?" Old people usually stop talking to me around then... lol

Sorry guys I didn't mean to bore you with religion, but it was on my heart. Eff it.


PS: I actually wrote a song called "Spiri-Chill" that I'm gonna release next week. Yeah... I do this.

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You are great.