Friday, December 12, 2008

"Just a Rapper" -- a poem by Mass Potential

"Just a Rapper" a poem by Mass Potential

When I think about how I want my life to be

Music is at the top of the list

yeah, I have a list of material things ready for that day

but, moreso, I need music

I have no genre

unfortunately, I’m forced to call it rap

“oh he’s just a rapper”

“rap” is like a curse word in the music world

there are so many horrible artists, that they have tainted the word forever

what about lupe, mos, talib, kanye… people that have somethin to say?

who KNOWS how many people will never hear their words, ideas, schemes and scams because the word “rap” is associated with it

think about how your grandparents would react, if you said “i have a new jazz album I want you to listen to”


replace jazz with “rap” and watch as there smiles turn to looks of indifference and they shrug and walk away

why? why was I blessed with a talent, that no one can appreciate?

If I call my self a poet, is that ok?

Mass is a poet! not a rapper…

I like the way that sounds, but will the record label?

F*ck no. they’ll laugh and send me to the local “quad” or street corner or wherever drummers beat awkwardly and crowds snap fingers.

I guess I’m just a rapper.

but i’m the best f*ckin rapper ever.

tell your grandparents THAT.

-Mass Potential

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Ice the Villain said...

CHUUUCH!! Don't worry, they'll hop on when that "rapper" is touching, influencing, and changing lives... WATCH!