Wednesday, December 31, 2008

41 Facts about Mass Po

stole this idea from L.Bee, as do I steal many blog ideas.

1. I was raised on TV
2. Most classic movies (Coming to America, Purple Rain) I've only seen once and don't remember much about
3. I have a hard time memorizing my own lyrics
4. Smells can change my emotion
5. I love local artist but I hate wack local artists
6. My fav producer was Timbaland before he went all POP on niggas
7. I was Timbaland and Magoo's only fan... lol
8. I always make WAY too many mixtape tracks
9. I spend top dollar on clothes just to make sure they fit
10. I secretly am boosted when people come to my house and ask "how are you able to afford this?"
11. I am blessed as shit
12. I have a crush on pretty much every (non-related, attractive) female I know (with some MAJOR exceptions)
13. I'm a hypocrite in relation to most of my pet peeves. The biggest one is being cut off when I'm talking.
14. I spend alot of time entertaining the chicks I should be with, and chasing the ones that suck. (TMI?)
15. I have developed an unhealthy love for "The Office"
16. I have never paid full price for a television... ever.
17. The best girl I ever had is also the least attractive...
18. I (mostly) only have two reactions: happy as hell and indifferent
19. I have low tolerance for those who don't think logically
21. I can't count that well... lol (you're slow)
22. I hate college and everything it stands for
23. I'm not fond of conversations about music with old people.
24. I love conversations about music with people my age, if the conversation is purposeful
25. I think crying and complaining are two of the least productive things that can be done with the human body. Therefore, I have no mechanism that will allow me to listen to or help you cope in those two situations. My approach is always: "Call me when you need some help FIXING this issue. Cry to someone else." == heartless bastard.
26. Everything I learned about being a man, I learned from people my age
27. I don't think I'm better than anyone, but I think God does.
28. I don't argue with people who work at fast food places.
29. I'm ashy ALL THE TIME
30. Movies = Arundel Mills
31. I live in Glenarden and go ALL THE WAY to Laurel to get my haircut
32. I lived in Laurel, Maryland for 17 years of my life
33. I love Apple products and customer service
34. If I ask a female to come over, I don't always wanna smash. Sometimes female company is just good. A change of air. ("Mass, you're starting to become lame" -y'all)
35. I keep things as real as I can because most times, people can relate more to my quirks than my common traits.
36. I don't like girls that don't think they are attractive.
37. I'm either madd shy or MADD outgoing depending on how we are introduced.
38. I am more in-tune with my feelings than most men, and I laugh at those who think I'm lame for that... cause I usually take their girls (true story)
39. If we're on the phone and you're not talking to me, then just call me back... that blows
40. If you've ever been in my house, you are welcome back anytime. I love company.
41. I think everyone needs a Tiffany. Mine is the best because I can say ANYTHING to her, about her or around her and she'll never think any different of me. EVER. :)



dominique !!! ! !! said...

mike, i miss you.
that is all.

Lysha B. said...

I agree with..
#11 minus the curse word
#39 that blows too!!!

Ice the Villain said...

This craziness is why this is one of my favorite blogs I follow.... Logical Nonsense. Now I feel like I know you better without having to waste gas or time coming over, lol (though I DO need to come kill those tracks we talked about).

Mass Potential said...

lmao! @Ice

G*Two said...

Maybe I should do one of these. I just don't want people knowing that much about me...