Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Joint Used To Give Me Nightmares!


41 Facts about Mass Po

stole this idea from L.Bee, as do I steal many blog ideas.

1. I was raised on TV
2. Most classic movies (Coming to America, Purple Rain) I've only seen once and don't remember much about
3. I have a hard time memorizing my own lyrics
4. Smells can change my emotion
5. I love local artist but I hate wack local artists
6. My fav producer was Timbaland before he went all POP on niggas
7. I was Timbaland and Magoo's only fan... lol
8. I always make WAY too many mixtape tracks
9. I spend top dollar on clothes just to make sure they fit
10. I secretly am boosted when people come to my house and ask "how are you able to afford this?"
11. I am blessed as shit
12. I have a crush on pretty much every (non-related, attractive) female I know (with some MAJOR exceptions)
13. I'm a hypocrite in relation to most of my pet peeves. The biggest one is being cut off when I'm talking.
14. I spend alot of time entertaining the chicks I should be with, and chasing the ones that suck. (TMI?)
15. I have developed an unhealthy love for "The Office"
16. I have never paid full price for a television... ever.
17. The best girl I ever had is also the least attractive...
18. I (mostly) only have two reactions: happy as hell and indifferent
19. I have low tolerance for those who don't think logically
21. I can't count that well... lol (you're slow)
22. I hate college and everything it stands for
23. I'm not fond of conversations about music with old people.
24. I love conversations about music with people my age, if the conversation is purposeful
25. I think crying and complaining are two of the least productive things that can be done with the human body. Therefore, I have no mechanism that will allow me to listen to or help you cope in those two situations. My approach is always: "Call me when you need some help FIXING this issue. Cry to someone else." == heartless bastard.
26. Everything I learned about being a man, I learned from people my age
27. I don't think I'm better than anyone, but I think God does.
28. I don't argue with people who work at fast food places.
29. I'm ashy ALL THE TIME
30. Movies = Arundel Mills
31. I live in Glenarden and go ALL THE WAY to Laurel to get my haircut
32. I lived in Laurel, Maryland for 17 years of my life
33. I love Apple products and customer service
34. If I ask a female to come over, I don't always wanna smash. Sometimes female company is just good. A change of air. ("Mass, you're starting to become lame" -y'all)
35. I keep things as real as I can because most times, people can relate more to my quirks than my common traits.
36. I don't like girls that don't think they are attractive.
37. I'm either madd shy or MADD outgoing depending on how we are introduced.
38. I am more in-tune with my feelings than most men, and I laugh at those who think I'm lame for that... cause I usually take their girls (true story)
39. If we're on the phone and you're not talking to me, then just call me back... that blows
40. If you've ever been in my house, you are welcome back anytime. I love company.
41. I think everyone needs a Tiffany. Mine is the best because I can say ANYTHING to her, about her or around her and she'll never think any different of me. EVER. :)


*smh* Sometimes I Wonder...

I think that sometimes people don't speak their opinions for fear of being labeled a hater. I think that if you mindlessly and maliciously go at someone, or scrutinize their work, you may be a hater. But I think if you can talk about something with legitimacy, tact and support, you should be free to speak your opinion and be respected for it.

I say that because as you know, I have a hard time listening to local artists. I know that sounds so f*cking backwards and wrong, me being a local artist and all. But there is this keep fear of hearing wackness that I often can't shake. Well today I said 'EFF IT' and I clicked on this link from FTDMVO:


Listen for yourself. The shit is just not good. And I can promise that I listened with an open mind and I really wanted to hear something hot and different. But I heard the same old stuff. The hook was monotonous and barely harmonic. The word "swagg" was used so many times, I felt like I was listening to a Lil Wayne karaoke song. The flow was basic and done before. There were few punchline and none were very inventive. And I made all of these conclusions after hearing the song 3 times. Is that enough times, maybe not. But how many times should you have to listen to a song to come up with a remotely viable critique?

On the post, Judah says:

Can't really understand why he wasn't on some of yall list for most anticipated DMV emcees for 09........... but then again I know why!!!!!

So do I. XO, Ra, JE, G*Two, Ice, Complete, Wale, Tabi, Mouse**... these people are bringing something new to the table. I'm not impressed with this guy. And apparently the "Oy Boys" are a big deal in the area so I may be able to lose alot of fans and damage future relationships. But, I'm not really too concerned. If you think this guy is hot, I'm not sure what we would talk about anyway. *shrugs*

I guess I'm on my Charles Hamilton sh*t right now.


** = this is not an exhaustive list.

Skillz -- 2008 wRap Up

Clicka da link, holmes

Shouts to D.Omen for the steal.
Shouts out to the nigga that killed me. Gone.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Joey vs. Rans

I'm not really sure why this beef was happening. That would be like Diddy beefing with... me. Like, yeah I'm talented but we're not even in the same arena. Not even in the same game. Why would either of us, ESPECIALLY Diddy, entertain the other one's comments? It was really sad to me. I'm actually glad the Joe ended it. 'Cause Ransom was beat a long time ago, but he doesn't have anything better to do than continue. I mean, think about it. This was the most press Ran has got since... ever. So why would he want to take himself out of the limelight.

And now that Joe has conceded, Ransom will no doubt respond calling Joe a bitch and all that. But at the end of the day, Ransom will have to find something else to do. Poor guy.

Monday, December 29, 2008

this was dead on


Random Resolutions

1. No baconators. Those things destroy your insides.
2. I will memorize my FREAKING lyrics. I have the memory of a snoozed alarm clock.
3. I will up date my FREAKING blog more often.
4. I will listen to any, and all new music by unsigned artists! This one will be hard. Very hard. (no porno)
5. Investing. Stocks and bonds... that type of thing.
6. No more dress socks any shades lighter than blue. One of my coworkers fried my tan colored socks this morning.
7. I will PURCHASE a full copy of Windows instead of stealing and borrowing from other sources.
8. I will 'beat more box than Rahzel has'... lmao!
9. I am going to release a mixtape with nothing but features and no less tha three people per track... prolly call it "Featuring Mass Po"
10. I will stop being so quick to get angry. Remember, my life is rockin and rolling, I can let little sh*t blurr my vision.
11. I will buy birthday presents for my friends. I haven't purchased a birthday present since highschool.
12. More music videos! I don't care what song, how crappy the video is, or how videoy the video is.
13. More good people around me. Stop isolating myself off the humble.
14. More pictures. I HAVE a camera... i just dont be using the joint. Iono.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mass Potential x Complete x G*Two x Ice The Villain = "Cold Steel"

This shit is dumb amounts of hot. Check it out...

Mass Potential -- Cold Steel (Feat. Complete, G*Two, Ice The Villain)


Complete -- "Hour of Ugly Mixtape" drops Inauguration Day
Mass Potential -- "The Unnamed Mixtape vol. 2: Still No Name" drops Valentines Day
Ice The Villain -- Mixtape comming soon
G*Two -- "The Sum of All Fears" EP coming soon...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quote of the Year (all years)

Sometimes I think I'm from another world
When I'm trynna tell a woman just exactly where I stand at
I want a girl, when I want a girl
And when I don't want a girl, I want a girl who understands that

- Phonte of Little Brother, "Slow It Down" from The Minstrel Show

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm always looking for the most creative thing I can do. And its usually so I can impress myself. So far I have been able to spawn some of the most creative things that many people have ever seen although that are probably not likely to admit to something of that magnitude. Haters. lol. Anyway, because I strive to be as creative and "left-feild" as possible, I always have to give props to people who have managed to do something more creative than I. With all of that said, check out the link below and make sure to follow the directions.

No Air Double video

Tell me that this was not a crazy hot idea. Maybe I'm lunchin. I tend to do that from time to time.

Shouts out to Ice, G*Two and Complete... new song coming soon. Shouts out to Lysha B -- for no reason other than thats my mu'fuqa! lol. Shouts out to D. Omen for taking 6 hours to record ONE song... then leaving his whole life in my car. Call me son, so you can get your life back.

More in a min...

Monday, December 15, 2008


In a song comming soon you will hear me say a line that goes:
strong bad with fhqwhgads/"

Before you start scratching your head, this is where its from:

so be cool.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gas? What?


Wait... We Still Do This?

C'mon, we still do this? I thought that that was just a 2004 fad or somethin. Maybe I'm the one that's effin up? *shrugs*


shouts out to the random train rider that provoked this blog entry...


DC Bop

This shit is addictive... and kinda old... but its addictive. I like the beat. I wonder who and where these guys are...


"Just a Rapper" -- a poem by Mass Potential

"Just a Rapper" a poem by Mass Potential

When I think about how I want my life to be

Music is at the top of the list

yeah, I have a list of material things ready for that day

but, moreso, I need music

I have no genre

unfortunately, I’m forced to call it rap

“oh he’s just a rapper”

“rap” is like a curse word in the music world

there are so many horrible artists, that they have tainted the word forever

what about lupe, mos, talib, kanye… people that have somethin to say?

who KNOWS how many people will never hear their words, ideas, schemes and scams because the word “rap” is associated with it

think about how your grandparents would react, if you said “i have a new jazz album I want you to listen to”


replace jazz with “rap” and watch as there smiles turn to looks of indifference and they shrug and walk away

why? why was I blessed with a talent, that no one can appreciate?

If I call my self a poet, is that ok?

Mass is a poet! not a rapper…

I like the way that sounds, but will the record label?

F*ck no. they’ll laugh and send me to the local “quad” or street corner or wherever drummers beat awkwardly and crowds snap fingers.

I guess I’m just a rapper.

but i’m the best f*ckin rapper ever.

tell your grandparents THAT.

-Mass Potential

Monday, December 8, 2008

GuardeD. -- by Lysha B.

I wanna fall in love so bad.
But what does that even mean?
I'm anxious to feel complete.
To have someone to live for
& look forward to everyday
Something beautiful

I want to feel sure
& not feel the need to question anymore
Like even when I'm mad at him
At least I care enough to be mad

My wall is built so high
And is so thick
I can't even feel..

All I want to do is.
to feel

a tingling.
a heartbreak.

a love.


posted by Lysha B. at 4:20 PM on Dec 8, 2008

I feel like this sometimes... good shit, Lysh.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Throwback Mass Po Songs

1st and foremost:


2nd and backmost:
I was listening to my last mixtape all day today and I decided that I'm hot as shit. Not even gloating or boasting or none of that. But even when I wasn't nearly as good as I am now, I still made pretty good music. Like it was nothin. Here are two songs off of "Rough Draft Vol.1" from 2007... check em out...

"Wanna Be a #1 Rapper" -- Mass Potential

"Let Me Help" -- Mass Potential

Feedback appreciated.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Universe

I was thinking about stuff on my walk from work to my car, which is a pretty long walk because I parked on the street and if you know anything about street parking in DC, you know you may have to park a few block away depending on where you're trying to go. Anyway, I was thinking about my beliefs and for some reasons I remembered "The Law of Attraction" and how it works in absolutes. I was thinking about that because I was hoping that there wasn't a ticket on my car when I got to it. But then I remembered that that law of attraction causes the universe to bring into existence what you say and think about. I also remembered that it works in absolutes; i.e. saying "I want a ticket on my car" and "I DONT want a ticket on my car" is the same thing, kinda like 1 = |-1| (if you remember absolute values from middle school). Anyway, I just wanted to mention that because I think the law of attraction has had a really big impact on my life. I always think positively and I am always blessed in a constant cycle. Even the bad things that I face always pale in comparison to the things I receive. So, um... you should try it.

When ever I say "the Universe," I think it makes people nervous because I didn't say GOD and Jesus (and Santa Claus... yea I'm an asshole). Now don't get me wrong I'm not an atheist or anything like that. In fact, I'm far from it. I love GOD and his song with all of my heart. I say "the Universe" as an extention of GOD. I think of the Universe as GOD's creation, NOT a replacement entity. I think thats why I'm always so confused about when people say that evolution isn't real but "creation" is. My question is "who's to say that evolution wasn't a divine occurrence?" Old people usually stop talking to me around then... lol

Sorry guys I didn't mean to bore you with religion, but it was on my heart. Eff it.


PS: I actually wrote a song called "Spiri-Chill" that I'm gonna release next week. Yeah... I do this.

Ice The Villain x Crazy Ass Beat

(disclaimer: I have absolutely no idea how to use the "x" feature properly. I'm old school; i use "and"... lmao!)

With that said, my man Ice The Villain went in on this joint. This is my type of shit... the old school style beat with the futuristic flow. Good shit my dude...

Ice The Villain -- Serious