Friday, October 31, 2008





I've never been a huge Kevin Craft fan. If you don't know Kevin Craft, he is a Comic and a Youtube Vlogger. I was purusing YouTube today and I came upon this video. he makes a good point that I have been making all along! White people need to be cool about black people only voting for Obama because he is black. Becuase when it all comes down to it WAAAAAAAAY more white people are voting for Obama than black people because there are WAAAAAAAY more white people than there are black people. Even in a 50/50 Obama/McCain voting split, black people would STILL make up far less half of the vote. White people (and when I say this, I'm refering to those hatin ass racist white people) be mad at other white people for Obama's success, not Black people.... and also, while youre at it, take a look at the way McCain acts, speaks, and thinks... he's not a good choice people. Seriously.



Shouts out to my man JSmooth.

He makes a really good point on the video. What am I saying? He ALWAYS makes good point. When you get a moment, subscribe to his blog: He's always making really good points. I would go so far as to say that he is the smartest Hip-Hop blogger. Lately he has been making alot of posts about politics, but given that this is such a pivot and historic election, I dont think that anyone would fault him for this.

The point is, is that ALL young voters need to turn out to the polls on the 4th. (SHout out to all of those who were able to vote early!!!!... Shout out to all of those schools who are closed on Voting Day JUST so that everyone can go vote!!!) Our turn out will be pivotal! Honestly, I'm an Obama supporter, but no matter who you want to vote for, go vote and make sure that you were involved in this process. It will be the most historical process ever! Make sure you can say "I was there"...

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This Shit Is Hard

Being a blogger is hard. Everyday I think that this will be a good idea... reach out to the people. Let them know that you are a regular person. Be available and they will love you even for more for you realness. But I really just dont have the time to devote to the blogging stuff. No... thats a damn lie. I just need to dedicate myself to it. I need to make sure that everything that I come across get relayed on this here blog... I also need to spiff this thing up. This is a challenge that I am ready to accept. So you will get more and more and more blog post from me.

Right now, I'm not talking to anyone because I know DAMN well that aint no one reading my blog. But I like to think that a bunch of people are. Its like practice for when people actually ARE reading my blog! lol

Also, this is something really interesting that I learned about blogging. I never knew what this meant, but I think if alot more people knew about this, ALOT more bloggers would be read, alot more people would read blogs and everyone would be happy...

Now, go to your google reader or whatever reader you want to use, start subscribing to your favorite blogs. Now you dont have to go all over the place to read your fav blogs!!!! you can thank me later...
I'll be back soon... I dont have anything better to do... HOLLA!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Turn My Swag On...meh

I'm not like everyone else. Soulja Boy is good with me. While I think he make horrible music, I love his energy. And at the end of the day, he's a young boy makin millions. So even though this song is horrible, I think anyone that hates, is just mad that their "good music" aint makin the same impact is his...

also, I'm boycotting the word "swag", but that is unrelated.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Aight, aight. I'm on the band wagon. I couldn't just sit idly by while people did things that I can do to. So I'm back on blogspot. But only because its convenient as a Gmail user. Otherwise, I would stil with tumblr... even though no one know what the fluck that is.

Shouts out to Tumblr.

Shouts out to G*Two cause I jacked his "shout out to..." blog-style

Anyway, lemme give you an update... The Unnamed Mixtape is comming to a DMV college campus near you. Palin sucks. McCain sucks. Obama is that dude. Biden's cool. I'm moving to a bigger spot, so ladies bring your overnight bags. I'm gettin a new job, so the bread is getting upped. I'm already working on The Unnamed Mixtape Vol. 2...

Shouts to Judah... where you at man?

When my man J.E. gets back, we are gonna prolly knock out liek 10 songs in 1 day, and it certainly can be done, cause we plays 0 games when it comes to creativity. Plus me and my man Complete gonna have the crib decked out by christas, so the from door is gonna look like the "What That Thang Smell Like" video...

Shouts out to Black Jesus.

And uh... yeah. Holla!
-Mass Potential