Wednesday, December 31, 2008

*smh* Sometimes I Wonder...

I think that sometimes people don't speak their opinions for fear of being labeled a hater. I think that if you mindlessly and maliciously go at someone, or scrutinize their work, you may be a hater. But I think if you can talk about something with legitimacy, tact and support, you should be free to speak your opinion and be respected for it.

I say that because as you know, I have a hard time listening to local artists. I know that sounds so f*cking backwards and wrong, me being a local artist and all. But there is this keep fear of hearing wackness that I often can't shake. Well today I said 'EFF IT' and I clicked on this link from FTDMVO:


Listen for yourself. The shit is just not good. And I can promise that I listened with an open mind and I really wanted to hear something hot and different. But I heard the same old stuff. The hook was monotonous and barely harmonic. The word "swagg" was used so many times, I felt like I was listening to a Lil Wayne karaoke song. The flow was basic and done before. There were few punchline and none were very inventive. And I made all of these conclusions after hearing the song 3 times. Is that enough times, maybe not. But how many times should you have to listen to a song to come up with a remotely viable critique?

On the post, Judah says:

Can't really understand why he wasn't on some of yall list for most anticipated DMV emcees for 09........... but then again I know why!!!!!

So do I. XO, Ra, JE, G*Two, Ice, Complete, Wale, Tabi, Mouse**... these people are bringing something new to the table. I'm not impressed with this guy. And apparently the "Oy Boys" are a big deal in the area so I may be able to lose alot of fans and damage future relationships. But, I'm not really too concerned. If you think this guy is hot, I'm not sure what we would talk about anyway. *shrugs*

I guess I'm on my Charles Hamilton sh*t right now.


** = this is not an exhaustive list.


Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy said...

I'm going to listen to this track when I get home and I understand your view a 100%. I feel like niggas dick suck and are so ass backwards that there is never a real opinion. That's why I don't listen to neither positive nor negative feedback. The same people will be mentioned over and over until someone flips this rap shit On niggas heads in the DMV. And majority of these blog runners disgust me! said...


G*Two said...

LMFAO I couldn't find a word to express that. Did you just go at the Oy Boys? I completely and totally respect you son, and can even agree on the subject, but my DMV-ology will not allow me to go on legends like that. Which is part of what may be wrong with the DMV now. But legends, they are. Good or not. Oy.

Mass Potential said...

No I didn't "go at" the Oy Boys. I merely comments on one of the Oy Boy's songs. No diss.

"You gonn get eem fucked up" -Beans, "State Property" (movie)


also, if a song aint good, it just aint fuckin good. Legends fuck up. Exhibit A: