Sunday, November 30, 2008


When me and my folks get together, WE GO IN!

i've known JE and Complete for years man, and when we get together we become nuts and just go in on everything in site. We did three tracks for my mixtape in like 6 hours total.

Peep us go in over the Jay-Z and Big L freestyle beat (and no I'm not ignorant, I know it's the "Keep It Real" joint by Milkbone... but who ELSE knows that? hmm?)
"95 Style (The 3114 Cypher)"

I've been reviewed

Mr. D.Omen has taken it upon himself to review my work. Check it out...

I think it was pretty fair. Homie gave some good advice too. Holla at him if you want him to check your *ish* out. He's a good look.

Click Here to Dload "The Unnamed Mixtape Vol. 1"

Here's a sneak peek: "Fast Food"

more peeks coming soon. (no porno)


Friday, November 28, 2008

Mass Potential -- "Fast Food"

Mass Potential -- "Fast Food"

"Whether its Soul Food or Whole Foods
I gotta eat, whether home or on the road. Do
you feel full after starving for tracks
or do you need more substance and value on wax?"


I'm tryna do big collabs in 09, but I still don't know what DMV artists I should eff with... Ya'll gotta let me know who's hot...

but no one who sounds like this guy:


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Other People's Music

When it comes to music, I am by far not adventurous... I be wanting to just listen to peoples music, just click a ZShare link and get it poppin with a new joint. But i just can't do it. I assume that the person will be wack and I keep it moving. Which is hypocritical of an unsigned artist because a great deal of my exposure will end up being people taking a chance and listening to my music. Which I understand. But everytime I'm on Judah or Nando or whoever else's blog, i just can't seem to fucking click the zShare link. Like my hand just wont participate. Its really a weird phenomenon and I may need counceling.

Also, I am teetering back and forth between complete writers block and writing an ILL 16. I'm not sure how that is possible. I think what I mean is that I can write a 16 about nothin and make it sound hot, but when it comes to topicals, I may be running out. Although, I did just do a song about fast food, which was pretty fuckin random and it turned out pretty hot. So maybe I'm not lunchin as hard as I thought I was. Hmm... maybe I'm lunchin and in the midst of the lunchin, awesomeness breaks.

My family is prolly mad as shit that I didn't got to West Virginia for Thanksgiving. It was a reckless idea anyway, they need to be cool. Who's idea was it to drive 2 hours away KNOWING damn well i gott work tomorrow? (This is totally not music related... my bad.)

Anyway, new music coming soon, including that "Fast Food" joint i was talkin about. Also, If anyone reading this wants to pass the mic in the DMV YouTube cypher, I'll take that thang off ya hands... I'm not trippin tho.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Everyone Needs an Eboni

...funny shit.



hey everyone... i have been mad MIA and I don't even have a reason... other than the fact that I have been working on my new mixtape and trying to get my old one to as many people as possible. This blogging shit is madd hard...

Also, I HATE MYSPACE! I have never come accross something that I hated some much, as much as I hate Myspace. It seems like such a tool for random advertisements. You're either a comedian, musician or actor trying to whore yourself out to as many people as you can, OR you are regular person looking for your friends or sexy members of the opp. sex, so that you can get their facebooks or phone numbers and talk to them AWAY from myspace. I like blogspot 100 times more than Myspace and I only have 4 followers (two of which never log on) so that shows you JUST how much I hate myspace.

sorry but i felt the need to vent. Thanks

"DJ Soundwave and Mass Potential present: The Unnamed Mixtape Vol. 2 -- Still No Name" will be coming out on Valentines DAY! Get your muthaf'kin pompoms out!!!! the joint will be hot as shit... and not a long as shit like the first one... lol.

Also, this is the most ghetto shit i've ever seen:

"Hey we need a light in the bathroom..."

"oh, we dont need a wall plug, lets make some shit up"

I seen this FIRST HAND... this ain't no google images joint... this shit is real... lol


Friday, November 21, 2008

"Everybody Knows" Freestyle

at it again...

Reggie Watts -- "It's Over"


Ladies... Pay Attention

Cradle the Balls
Cradle the Balls
Cradle the Balls
Cradle the Balls
Cradle the Balls
Cradle the Balls
Cradle the Balls
Cradle the Balls


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lets Be Real...

So I'm at work (merchandiser for Kraft) and I'm done working the Harris Teeter in Rockville.... on the way out there is a magazine rack, like over near the cashiers. I stopped and looked at some of the hip-hip mags on my way out and I see the above nonsense. You should've seen the look on my face...

I'm not the type to hate. So please don't take this the wrong way... but what the fuck genre is THIS guy taking over? He's barely coherent in any of his songs... I guess VIBE ran out of good ideas... they should just call me. JESUS.

aight, aight... thats enough.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Mass Does Videos?

...yeah. That's why I shouldn't have a camcorder... well, um, a digital camera with a record feature.


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Dog I am getting MADDDD love in the DMV right now... this shit is crazy... if this shit doesn't get me in the loop, I don't know WHAT will:

Judah's Blog

Vince's Blog

G*Two's Blog

Goadome Talk



D.Omen (check out the vid)


Don't Sweat The Technique



Can I Live?

The pain of being an unsigned artist is that everyone steals my FUCKING IDEAS before I get a chance for anyone to hear it... every time I make a song thats hot, some jackass makes the same fucking song. *Sigh*...

Give The Drummer Some by Mass Potential


Give The Drummer Sum by Black Milk

The Weekend by Complete Feat. Mass Potential


Life of the Party by Snoop

Keep The Light Dim by Mass Potential Feat. JE, Complete


One More Drink by Ludacris

Ya'll: Mass, you're flattering yourself. These songs are way hotter than yours.

Mass: Nah, you lunchin... they stole the ish from me...

if you feel the way I do, let me know...


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mass Potential x G*Two: Procrastination

Mass Po



Procrastination (Everest College) (Feat. G*Two)

(oh yeah, the angry ass Everest College guy is in there too... GET YOUR ASS UP AND GO TO COLLEGE, DUDE!!!!!)


Don't Eff w/ Gillie

...or he will expose you like he did this dude (no porno):


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Life is Complete (no porno)

Yo. I remember when I was younger and the 3LW joints had just come out. I had a mean crush on the cute one... you know that there was only one cute one, stop all the fakin. Anywho, I remember thinking, "I wonder what them cheeks look like?". Well apparently someone stole her laptop, and held it for ransom for 1,000 bux. But not before jacking semi-nekked pics off of it.... feast your eyes. I wonder why all Disney actors end up with nekked pics somewhere? Why can't they just all be cool? Relax and maybe the whole world wont be staring atcha buttcheeks! lmao! Atleast do like most girls and dont have your FACE in the damn picture. I done gotten many a nekked pic but no ones FACE is in it... c'mon genius.

Cheetah Cheeks

PS: I'm off my male chauvinist pig tip right now... lady followers, please excuse me. lol

Monday, November 10, 2008

He Has a Point

I think that if we really thought about how most rap songs, or any rediculous song, were made... we'd all kill ourselves. Think about the most rediculous song you can... anyone. Got one? Ok, now say the lyrics in a regular voice at a regular conversational pace....
Hilarious. Wait, can't think of one? Here are some:

"Soldier boy up in this hoe. Watch me crank and watch me go. Watch me crank that soldier boy then superman that hoe. Now watch me yoo; crank that soldier boy..."


"Ooom bop, a digga dop. Ba doo wop. Digga dop ba doo wop. A digga dop, ba doo. Yeah. Yeah."




Random Cunningham

G*Two: "also lol @ your posts dog, you post the MOST random shit"



Friday, November 7, 2008

Unlikely Collaborations

I love random collaborations. Those often end up being the best songs. Here is a perfect example:

If you woulda told me that Michael Jordan's Grandfather and 8ball did a song with Lloyd, I probably would still be in the hospital from passing out after having laughed so hard that I stopped breathing. And yet, Lloyd laced the hook, and 8Ball and MJG did their thing. Now I'm not a huge 8Ball and MJG fan, but this joint crank... the beat is crazy too!


Phan Luhv

Everytime I think that my mixtape is forgotten about, someone hits me with somethin like this...

"Subject: Track 12...
Body: ...on your unamed mix tape and crush are 2 songs I can't get out my head....the library track is another. Your talented and wanted to give your props....feelin the music"
- Whitney Kyana Sheree

I love what I do man... I swear.

These are the tracks she mentioned... check em out.
Track 12 -- Mass Po
A Crush
The Library


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beyonce... chill.

Dear Beyonce,
You are hot. Your fans are not. Stop giving them reasons to think they are. They are not. You get them hyped on these songs, they post them as their ringtones, away messages and fb statuses, then they start walking around with their nose undeservedly high in the air. Then, when they try to carry me or my team like WE are the ones f'ing up, we have to put them in their place... that only places burden on OUR work loads. Just stop. Make more songs about how you love Jay and how you dangerous with the love and such. Thanx.

-Mass Potential

sometimes, you just gotta reach out to the celebs. they thank you for it.

Dear Lil Wayne,
.... lol

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Temporary Relief

I consider my self to be a true lyricist, not a commercial rapper or a gangsta rapper and I think that most of you would agree (yells to all 4 of you!)... but my absolute favorite song of all time has been and will continue to be "Temporary Relief"... don't ask me why because to this day I still don't know...

check the video (I don't much care for "Criminal Background" so you can skip to about halfway through the video)

if anyone knows where I can get this beat, LET ME KNOW!


Me and my man JE used to do this all the time... lets bring it back... HOLLA!
Beat: We Get Money -- Clipse

Fly then a fly in the sky
when i write
not high like a funny cigarette
but as high as them niggaz get
yell its a bet
like casino
follow me to the liar
cause thats where we go
chill with the The Bruce
laid back with the exposed
belly button of those who followed when the club closed
oh no, can't front
really wanna ram some
but its premarital
dont wanna be damned son
sike nah, God's cool
said he got me covered
its not in his plan now
to give me baby mothers
nike boots laced
no wait, don't fake
steve maddens slipped on
break, dont take
no sleep, no rest
just keys on deck
start protool
and make some funky heat no jet
cant fly, no boats
just mobile and such than
if the girl cute enough
I munch 'fore i crush them
not like these dudes that
fake like they don't eat
we'll see which of us gets your girls now
won't we?

lmao... straight keystyle... no thought. thats what "I" do

Who's Hot in the DMV

Someone send me some hot tracks from local artists. I'm not being impressed by what I'm hearing... Prove me wrong. I want us to get on... but not on no gimmicky or gangsta stuff... on some real stuff.

email me some links to some hot DMV artists...


Asher Roth and Charles Hamilton

I think that these two dudes have the game sewed up... atleast as far as I'm concerned. Hip-hop muthafuckaz!. I have been waiting for a while to hear artists that just say what they want to say. Like literally. You can tell that they just sit down and start rapping. They don't think about what they need to get across in the song, what the hook should be... its all so effortless and it just comes to them. Every line is not a gem... no. But thats real. None of that "Lloyd Banks" punchline, punchline, punchline manufactured rap. None of that "I Gotta Make a Party Song or an Anthem To Get On" bs (like local dudes always feel the need to do ALL the time. Think about how many wack DC anthems you've heard. Not hatin, just sayin, do somethin different). They just step in the booth and spit themselves. When you listen to their music, you feel like you instantly know them. In real music, you shouldn't have to interview the artist and ask them shit like "what do you do for fun" or "when's your birthday" or no shit like that. You should be able to hear their music and know the answer to every question you have. And if you CAN'T do that, then you have someone who is acting. If all I rap about is guns and cars, then my birthday is guns and I cars in my freetime. And if that ISNT the case, then why am I lying?

I know I've been rapping alot about these two dudes lately, but I really stand behind these guys (no porno). Its funny because I had a conversation with the boy g*Two yesterday and I was like "aight son, lemme stop being these niggas lawyaers"... but thats how i feel. I feel like this time for people who just get on the mic, have fun and keep it 100% real to be heard. I feel like these guys represent me, cause thats what I do all day... who else could make a song about their iPod but me?


I aint sayin NOTHIN

.... you already know.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Votey McVoterson Continued

Vote! from Amir on Vimeo.


Aight, Aight... After this one, I'ma Hop Off

This nigga sampled SONIC... crazy.


Today is Votey McVoterson DAY!

Yo today is D day... I'm nervous as shit for Obama. I want him to win, but i dont want him to be killed if he does. And I dont wanna hear republicans talk shit for the next 4 (8) years...

I'm voting after work. I'm excited but I also dont wanna accidently click the wrong button in my excitement... throw my vote to Ralph Nader or something... that would effing suck. I have no idea why I am awake so early, but I'm dealing with it. I do what I want.


SHouts to the girl Nikki V... if we ever finish this damn music video... sheesh.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Did He Sample What I Think He Sampled?

This dude Charles Hamilton beat me to this sample... I have been trying to flip this since i heard it... just listen

C Food - Charles Hamilton


Still a Lil Sick... New Music Tho

Good morning, peeps... I was supposed to go to work today, but I woke up and couldnt breathe, so that went out the window. I'm straight now tho. Im about to go to my pt job early and get that thang out of the way... then im back to sleep in efforts to get rid of this cold... I'm still thinking of Mixtape concepts so hopefully I can kick this thang off... holla.

NEW SONG - Effortless... peep

Shouts to D.Omen who put me on to limelinx...


Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Mixtape? hmm

Ok, I've been playing with some themes of my new mixtape. I want to keep it going with "Unnamed Mixtape" series... but I think I wanna take a break from it for a second to do something more topical. I was thinking about a joint called "Welcome Home" where every song is a part of a house. Example track list:

1. Front Door
2. Kitchen
3. Master Bedroom
4. Bathroom
5. etc...

That sounds mad creative... we'll see...

Remember this joint? This joint jy rocks... I might to a song over the instrumental. Don't act like you aint never used to listen to this song...


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Real Quick

I'm sick, tired and still not done moving... but real quick, watch this, its funny:

Also, chesty girl... meet me at the new crib around 830... peace

New Crib/Sick

Hey... can't talk long... sick as shit... gotta go to work... then gotta got pick up keys to new crib... gotta move all of my stuff... still haven't rented my condo out... don't know what im going to do... need a renter soon... need to stop typing ellipses after every sentence... going to work now... need some medicine... be back later... *sigh*... i HATE being sick... omg, with a fucking passion... i need a chesty female to feed me soup...