Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice the Villain x Mass Potential -- Seriouser (Serious REMIX)

Thank you to everyone who supports me and what I do... I'm serious about this MUSIC!!!

Anyway, this is another collab from me and the boy Ice the Villain. (Shouts out to the n!99a that killed me) It's a remix to his "Serious" that as floating through blogs about a month and a half ago. Check it out, definately spin-worthy.

vvv Click the link below to dload vvv

Mixtape Promo coming soon...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

C'mon Ikea... This Don't Make No Damn Sense

Dear Ikea,
I understand that you guys make really cool, really cheap furniture. I can understand that some of the appeal is that you can haul away the furniture, most times, without a truck which is convenient. But thats not excuse for packaging a bag-o-shit for me to try and put the damn dresser together with... and the directions dont have no damn WORDS! OMG. If I didnt get this shit for damn near free, I would SOOOOO return it.

Jesus Cristo.


Monday, January 12, 2009

The Library x Procrastination VIDEOS

MVA, please rise... thats what G*Two would say... Right? Iono. Anyway I recorded a video like 8 months ago, and another one a few weeks ago... and guess what? They are "The Library" and "Procrastination (Feat. G*Two)"... yayayayayayayay! "DC Department of Transportation, please rise!!!!!!" -G*Two


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eminem x Dre x 50 (not so much) -- Crack a Bottle

Am I the only one who got a really warm feeling inside when I heard this joint? Hearing Em reminds me of the good ol' days. I hope he comes back and the comeback is CRAZY. Niggaz really need to be put in their place, and he'll do it effortless. I can wait to hear the track where he disses Plies, Wayne, Boosie and who ever else... unfortunately, he may fry Charles Hamilton or Asher Roth in the meantime, who knows. All I know is this track is hot (50's verse was rather weak) and I could bump this shit forever...


Thursday, January 8, 2009

You're Setting Yourself Up

If you're gonna be a new artist but you're going to copy a style that already exists (Plies), then you are setting yourself up to be a two-hit wonder. I have no idea how you made the XXL cover, but I've been called a hater alot recently, so I'ma chill... I'm not mad at your position or your hustle. But you're disrespecting my craft right now. Thats all I'm saying

*Mass braces for the "youre just a hater" comments*


The ONLY two I was Impressed with (beside Asher's)


PS: this beat makes me wanna throw up, but I was inspired this morning.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally... a Hot Download

Ok, so remember all that shit I was talking about not being to find a good artist dload on these blogs? Well and Laws made me shut the f*ck up. Congrats on a hot song, Laws. According to my iTunes, I have played the song 37 times since i dloaded. lol

"They all know better, we alright/You can hang ya wedding ring from the tree outside"

CLICK HERE -- "Lucky" by Laws -- CLICK HERE


Attention: Dishonest Students

I wish I thought of it first.

Being a Blogger/Passion

Maybe I am following the wrong blogs. I thought blogging was supposed to be an expression of your thoughts, or a sharing of the things that interest you, or make you happy, or get you hype, or make you mad and topic discussion. But lately, all I've been seeing is the same posts aboutthe same ish going everwhere. Are these bloggers really interested in these things? Perhaps. But mostly I think they are just posting what other people want to see.

Iono, maybe I'm over reacting. I think every blog should serve a purpose. So maybe their blog is meant just to entertain. Ok. So I was overreacting. So what. Sue me. I just wish people would be passionate about the stuff they did instead of being shee-ple and doing whatever they though other people wanted them to do.

I think that that is where music is going. Namely, the hip-hop/rap genre. It seems like these days in order to sell records you have to have a huge gimmick or a rediculous following already. Which means the same ol stuff isn't going to get you to the top any more. The way I see it, "getting signed" just doesn't exist anymore. If you want to do music, stop doing it to "get signed". Do it because thats what you love to do. Because if you are hoping to get signed, youre prolly gonna get your feeling hurt. Or you may get signed and get your feelings hurt in record sales. Then the label is gonna hand you a bill. LOL

Maybe I'm leaning today. But Im not pessimistic. I think that music can head in a whole new direction. Thats where my music is going. I stopped carring about "the norm" and what people think a few months back and I have been making some of my most creative and different music since then. Its that passion man. Making music is what I do. (apparently "writing" is not, because this post is horrible. lol). Whatever...


DJ Soundwave -- "Shoulda Just Paid For It" Feat. Complete

This boy is a fool. Definately hilarious.

"I am not a Rapper. I'm an Entertainer" -DJ Soundwave

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mass Potential x Red the Homeless Beatboxer x "Tell Ya Momma"

Ladies and Gentlemen...
Have you ever seen this video?

Well now that you have... peep this shittage!!!!
Mass Potential (Feat. Red the Homeless Beatboxer) (Prod. by 2Mello)

Saturday, January 3, 2009