Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Resolutions

1. No baconators. Those things destroy your insides.
2. I will memorize my FREAKING lyrics. I have the memory of a snoozed alarm clock.
3. I will up date my FREAKING blog more often.
4. I will listen to any, and all new music by unsigned artists! This one will be hard. Very hard. (no porno)
5. Investing. Stocks and bonds... that type of thing.
6. No more dress socks any shades lighter than blue. One of my coworkers fried my tan colored socks this morning.
7. I will PURCHASE a full copy of Windows instead of stealing and borrowing from other sources.
8. I will 'beat more box than Rahzel has'... lmao!
9. I am going to release a mixtape with nothing but features and no less tha three people per track... prolly call it "Featuring Mass Po"
10. I will stop being so quick to get angry. Remember, my life is rockin and rolling, I can let little sh*t blurr my vision.
11. I will buy birthday presents for my friends. I haven't purchased a birthday present since highschool.
12. More music videos! I don't care what song, how crappy the video is, or how videoy the video is.
13. More good people around me. Stop isolating myself off the humble.
14. More pictures. I HAVE a camera... i just dont be using the joint. Iono.



Ice the Villain said...

#8 Is classic... y'all n*ggaz kill me (matta fact, shouts out to the ni*gga that killed me, lol)

#9 is a VERY good idea! Free cross-promotion cuz everyone else'll be tryna spread their work, and it can get done easily cuz you only gotta do a few 16s (if you can organize people's crazy schedules). COUNT ME IN... only if I'm invited...

Mass Potential said...

you're the first one I'd call. I consider you a part of my team all day, kid. said...

good shit