Thursday, October 23, 2008


Aight, aight. I'm on the band wagon. I couldn't just sit idly by while people did things that I can do to. So I'm back on blogspot. But only because its convenient as a Gmail user. Otherwise, I would stil with tumblr... even though no one know what the fluck that is.

Shouts out to Tumblr.

Shouts out to G*Two cause I jacked his "shout out to..." blog-style

Anyway, lemme give you an update... The Unnamed Mixtape is comming to a DMV college campus near you. Palin sucks. McCain sucks. Obama is that dude. Biden's cool. I'm moving to a bigger spot, so ladies bring your overnight bags. I'm gettin a new job, so the bread is getting upped. I'm already working on The Unnamed Mixtape Vol. 2...

Shouts to Judah... where you at man?

When my man J.E. gets back, we are gonna prolly knock out liek 10 songs in 1 day, and it certainly can be done, cause we plays 0 games when it comes to creativity. Plus me and my man Complete gonna have the crib decked out by christas, so the from door is gonna look like the "What That Thang Smell Like" video...

Shouts out to Black Jesus.

And uh... yeah. Holla!
-Mass Potential

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