Friday, October 31, 2008

This Shit Is Hard

Being a blogger is hard. Everyday I think that this will be a good idea... reach out to the people. Let them know that you are a regular person. Be available and they will love you even for more for you realness. But I really just dont have the time to devote to the blogging stuff. No... thats a damn lie. I just need to dedicate myself to it. I need to make sure that everything that I come across get relayed on this here blog... I also need to spiff this thing up. This is a challenge that I am ready to accept. So you will get more and more and more blog post from me.

Right now, I'm not talking to anyone because I know DAMN well that aint no one reading my blog. But I like to think that a bunch of people are. Its like practice for when people actually ARE reading my blog! lol

Also, this is something really interesting that I learned about blogging. I never knew what this meant, but I think if alot more people knew about this, ALOT more bloggers would be read, alot more people would read blogs and everyone would be happy...

Now, go to your google reader or whatever reader you want to use, start subscribing to your favorite blogs. Now you dont have to go all over the place to read your fav blogs!!!! you can thank me later...
I'll be back soon... I dont have anything better to do... HOLLA!

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