Friday, October 31, 2008


I've never been a huge Kevin Craft fan. If you don't know Kevin Craft, he is a Comic and a Youtube Vlogger. I was purusing YouTube today and I came upon this video. he makes a good point that I have been making all along! White people need to be cool about black people only voting for Obama because he is black. Becuase when it all comes down to it WAAAAAAAAY more white people are voting for Obama than black people because there are WAAAAAAAY more white people than there are black people. Even in a 50/50 Obama/McCain voting split, black people would STILL make up far less half of the vote. White people (and when I say this, I'm refering to those hatin ass racist white people) be mad at other white people for Obama's success, not Black people.... and also, while youre at it, take a look at the way McCain acts, speaks, and thinks... he's not a good choice people. Seriously.


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