Thursday, November 27, 2008

Other People's Music

When it comes to music, I am by far not adventurous... I be wanting to just listen to peoples music, just click a ZShare link and get it poppin with a new joint. But i just can't do it. I assume that the person will be wack and I keep it moving. Which is hypocritical of an unsigned artist because a great deal of my exposure will end up being people taking a chance and listening to my music. Which I understand. But everytime I'm on Judah or Nando or whoever else's blog, i just can't seem to fucking click the zShare link. Like my hand just wont participate. Its really a weird phenomenon and I may need counceling.

Also, I am teetering back and forth between complete writers block and writing an ILL 16. I'm not sure how that is possible. I think what I mean is that I can write a 16 about nothin and make it sound hot, but when it comes to topicals, I may be running out. Although, I did just do a song about fast food, which was pretty fuckin random and it turned out pretty hot. So maybe I'm not lunchin as hard as I thought I was. Hmm... maybe I'm lunchin and in the midst of the lunchin, awesomeness breaks.

My family is prolly mad as shit that I didn't got to West Virginia for Thanksgiving. It was a reckless idea anyway, they need to be cool. Who's idea was it to drive 2 hours away KNOWING damn well i gott work tomorrow? (This is totally not music related... my bad.)

Anyway, new music coming soon, including that "Fast Food" joint i was talkin about. Also, If anyone reading this wants to pass the mic in the DMV YouTube cypher, I'll take that thang off ya hands... I'm not trippin tho.


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