Tuesday, November 25, 2008


hey everyone... i have been mad MIA and I don't even have a reason... other than the fact that I have been working on my new mixtape and trying to get my old one to as many people as possible. This blogging shit is madd hard...

Also, I HATE MYSPACE! I have never come accross something that I hated some much, as much as I hate Myspace. It seems like such a tool for random advertisements. You're either a comedian, musician or actor trying to whore yourself out to as many people as you can, OR you are regular person looking for your friends or sexy members of the opp. sex, so that you can get their facebooks or phone numbers and talk to them AWAY from myspace. I like blogspot 100 times more than Myspace and I only have 4 followers (two of which never log on) so that shows you JUST how much I hate myspace.

sorry but i felt the need to vent. Thanks

"DJ Soundwave and Mass Potential present: The Unnamed Mixtape Vol. 2 -- Still No Name" will be coming out on Valentines DAY! Get your muthaf'kin pompoms out!!!! the joint will be hot as shit... and not a long as shit like the first one... lol.

Also, this is the most ghetto shit i've ever seen:

"Hey we need a light in the bathroom..."

"oh, we dont need a wall plug, lets make some shit up"

I seen this FIRST HAND... this ain't no google images joint... this shit is real... lol



Anonymous said...

lmao mike ur an asshole thats called nigga rigged haven't you ever nigga rigged anything?

Mass Potential said...

not no electrical "you could die from it" shit...