Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Me and my man JE used to do this all the time... lets bring it back... HOLLA!
Beat: We Get Money -- Clipse

Fly then a fly in the sky
when i write
not high like a funny cigarette
but as high as them niggaz get
yell its a bet
like casino
follow me to the liar
cause thats where we go
chill with the The Bruce
laid back with the exposed
belly button of those who followed when the club closed
oh no, can't front
really wanna ram some
but its premarital
dont wanna be damned son
sike nah, God's cool
said he got me covered
its not in his plan now
to give me baby mothers
nike boots laced
no wait, don't fake
steve maddens slipped on
break, dont take
no sleep, no rest
just keys on deck
start protool
and make some funky heat no jet
cant fly, no boats
just mobile and such than
if the girl cute enough
I munch 'fore i crush them
not like these dudes that
fake like they don't eat
we'll see which of us gets your girls now
won't we?

lmao... straight keystyle... no thought. thats what "I" do


D. Omen said...

LMAO @ keystyle. oh man. those days are over for me.

G*Two said...

Good shit but I feel like you were sending a subliminal shot @ me b/c i'm one of those dudes who doesn't eat - or at least does it rarely - very very very rarely. Before you "smh" me Po, ask somebody! Pause.

Thrilla Nilla said...

He don't mind goin down he take care'a that!