Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beyonce... chill.

Dear Beyonce,
You are hot. Your fans are not. Stop giving them reasons to think they are. They are not. You get them hyped on these songs, they post them as their ringtones, away messages and fb statuses, then they start walking around with their nose undeservedly high in the air. Then, when they try to carry me or my team like WE are the ones f'ing up, we have to put them in their place... that only places burden on OUR work loads. Just stop. Make more songs about how you love Jay and how you dangerous with the love and such. Thanx.

-Mass Potential

sometimes, you just gotta reach out to the celebs. they thank you for it.

Dear Lil Wayne,
.... lol

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G*Two said...

Preach brotha.

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