Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wale's "Cyphr" vs. Mass Potential's "Effortless"

Shouts to Wale (twitter - @Wale) for the new mixtape. Its pretty dope. While listening to it, I immediately recognize one of the beats from my last mixtape, that debuted on Valentine's Day of this user. C'mon Wale, catch up buddy! jk... check both out and tell me who ripped it... Nothing wrong with a lil' friendly competition.

PS: The very last thing you hear on my song, "Effortless", is the blend to the next track. Shouts to DJ Soundwave (twitter - @djsoundwave1) on the blend and Jahmel Wagener (twitter - @Mr_JWag) on the "unnamed mixtape 2, bitch!" drop... lol.

Wale's "Cyphr" vs. Mass Potential's "Effortless"

Imeem Quick Listen (for the lazies):

-Mass Potential
twitter - @masspotential


G*Two said...

Both songs suck.

Mass Potential said...

Yeah, you're right. *snaps*