Monday, June 1, 2009

Keep It Real -- Uber-Update

1) I'm not pressed to get rich off this music shiz. I LOVE music and I want to do it forever, but too often I feel like I have to water to my ish down just for people to like it. As if I ever knew them to care what they like. Please. I love fans and I think that alot of people would like my music without effort. However, others seem to think that they "know the trends" and "what people want" and always criticizing people's intelligence. I've decided then, that I don't want "stupid" people liking my music. Only those intelligent and open minded people. I'm feeling really Tommy Hilfiger-ish right now (*flashback* "I don't want black people wearing my clothing *end flashback*). So I'm going to make music on my time, with my goals and do my thing. Yes I will do shows and I will try to get my music on the radio and to labels -- BUT it will be MY music that "I" want to do. EVERYTIME. And if even at the end of the day only JE and my mom want to listen to it, thats all that I need. WORD.

1.5) Don't get it twisted tho -- I WILL be a very rich man. It just won't be from changing my craft

2) I be having madd feelings for these females yo. Not a good look because I watch too much tv. (well not lately because Free Parking Studio is without cable, internet and phone at the moment... more on that later) I always have this vision in my mind that I will just go up to a girl that I really like, tell her how much I like her, she will start to cry and give me a huge hug saying that she felt the same way, and the end credits will roll. Unfortunately, the real world works NOTHING like that. :( maybe my dad was supposed to tell me how to "handle these hoes" as JE would put it. HMM... I always end up liking my close female friends, and that probably makes perfect sense, but then again... who knows. I guess I'll just fall back for now. Shouts to Nikki V...

3) I have been working my ass off (no literally) for the last 3 weeks and I plan on doing it until July 1st. Why, you ask? Because I need to pay of these bills. I have alot of stupid bills that I really don't have to have. I have been working between 8 and 12 hours everyday of the week to get this bread. I will reap the first check from this (Lupe) fiasco on the 15th. Should be about DOUBLE my normal wage (which I won't say because it will either make you say "damn you make alot of money for a 23yo" OR "damn, you poor den a mofo" and I can't really take either one right now). I need to put some bread up in the bank too. Too much random stuff be happening and I'm never prepared. I often find my self having to support another grown man while he gets his life together, which I wouldn't mind so much, if I wasn't struggling myself. There is a situation with my tenants I need to handle also so hopefully this extra money will make that simple. PLUS, my homie Daytona just moved down from NY so that will help with the rent and save me some bread. PLUS I'm bout to get a different job making like 15K more than I already do. HOLLA.... money is the shiz! (when you got some, lol)... It will feel good to pay all these bills off too. You have no idea.

Thats all I have for right now. My next mixtape should be pretty dope. But right now, I'm not the most inspired person. Although I DO have a topic in #2 that will work out nicely. Yeah man.

-Mass Potential

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