Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Ole Fashion Ego Boost -- ruined.

Yo! I woke up this morning to the best tweet I'd ever gotten in the (short) history of twitter. I won't say who it was from but... So I was on my Rico Suave shiz all morning, feeling myself like a bothered octopus. I hopped up outta bed, turned my shower oooooooooooooon, took a look in the mirror, brushed my teeth (teeth, teeth)... Then I got in the car. I was feeling good so I made a quick phone call to mom dukes, just to see how she was doing. I was glad to hear she was doing very well, I'll have to go visit her this weekend. Anywho, I made another phone call that didn't go quite as well. It was rather dull and uneventful. When will I learn? hmmm... THEN I had to call my homie Alysha to clear it up. Bless that girl.

Today is DEFINATELY going to be a good day. Shouts to Ice Cube's best song.

-Mass Potential

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