Friday, April 10, 2009

He's BAAAAAAaaaaaCK!

Mass Potential is back on his blogging tip... Lots of updates, so lets get it:

1. is undergoing a face lift, tummy tuck and relocation. Shouts out to Elle(dot)Bee for heading the transition team and making it happen for us. Everyone over at Stockholders Music Group, Free Parking Studios and HLO is eager to see what these changes will be and what impact they will have when exposed to the masses. In the meanwhile, updates there will still happen, just fewer and further between. Don't be sad tho, we won't be on Laurel Mall status (low blow), we will make sure we have updates coming through there. And since we're talking about websites: is coming soon. *wink, wink* Shouts to EboWash

2. I am taking time with my next project. It will be titled either "The Unnamed Mixtape Vol. 1 again" or "The Unnamed Mixtape: The Unnamed EP". It will probably drop on my birthday, July 24th and will be the best project that I have done to date. That is a guarantee. It will definately have some good features, plenty of GOB representation and I have a few surprises that I am trying to secure. So, it will be worth your money (because it DEFINATELY won't be free).

3. My car has been updated from crashed to totalled. If you don't know the story, Ms. Lisseth Cruz (real name, I don't care) decided that March 15th should be the last day I drive my car. She claimed she was trying to go around me when I was making a left turn. The only problem with that testimony is that 1) my right blinker was on and I was DEFINATELY making a right turn 2) there is only one lane in each direction and 3) she passed me on the right which the definition of ILLEGAL. So now my poor lil Pontiac is totalled:

Shouts to MAIF, GEICO and Toyota Services GAP protection. Hopefully they can cut the check for my loan soon so I can cop my new love. After some long deliberation, I have narrowed it down to either:

a Dodge Charger SRT8

or a Chrysler 300 C (Hemi joint)

4. I need a logo for "Mass Potential" and I have little to 0 ideas. Anyone have any ideas, speak up. You can leave me a message here or email a playa (

5. New Music:

"Pass Me The Fritos" (Feat. Complete)

More updates coming soon.
-Mass Po

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