Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Quiznos

Dear Quiznos,
I really appreciate that your deliver now. I even like your attempt to offer reasonable prices with the "sammies" and the "torpedo". My question is: WHY ISN'T THE TORPEDO WRAPPED UP? You stick it in this paper sock, with half of the sandwich sticking out, then you throw it in the bag with my chips and bottled water. THEN when I get home I have a tuna mess covering my chips, water and all in the bag. WHO DESIGNED that mess? Geez Louise. Please cut the sandwich in half and wrap it up in the regular paper. Thank you.

-Mass Potential

...and while we're on it...

Dear Foodservice Industry,
Please stop making my food, wrapping it up, using the register and making the next sandwich ALL with the same gloves on. WHO are you protecting? Because if you touch someone's money with the gloves, then touch my food, you might as well take the gloves off or make my sandwich with your butt. The same amount of germs are exchanged either way. Cool it.

-Mass Potential