Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update: Black Civic

Yeah, remember the unhealthy relationship I had with "Black Mags"? I parlayed (sp?) that into a sickness. I found the instrumental on Youtube and I ghostwrote some parallel verses. Start the video and sing along. (disclaimer: don't bite 'cause you will get bit back... by a Jewish guy in a suit that I pay 100 an hour)

I got this March 2008
Ceasar fade flat
Polo button up
With the Ralph Lauren flags
Nice alloys
wit the Goodyear tires
Honda Civic, 07
First-time home buyer
Freshest attire
Hit me on the Sidekick
Have it on my hip
Flip, click, quick responder
I'm a SMG (Stockholder's Music Group)
Lyrical designer
J said I'm good
To get that ink on my live check
I get busy as a flea
on a dog's hair
But don't cross me
or be aim in my crosshair
Snitch and I'm lying
Even THEN I'm lying
Bout snitchin and lying
Add to the fact
That it all could be truth
To the fact that I'm lying
3 point on my drive card
Scared of the sirens
No new money
I ain't tryin
I was rich prior (Rich Pryor)
Like old comedian dying


I hit Ace on the cell yo
I'm kinda bored
Ain't got work till later so
Roll wit a broad
And I really wanna say a ho
But she really friendly tho
get around like kids
at Columbia Mall
But ion't care joe
I just chill, not settlin'
Diecast playa stat
Gameboy veteran
Condo look like
It need more medicine
Whip game A+
And only gettin' better and
I roll pass a*holes and say
"Shut Up"
SMG near if they
run up
I got two twins in the back
And they got quadruplets
under they shirts
so bet, We head
to the SMG bed-quarters
You would be there
if you could
Tox got the chrome wheels
On the A'cord, and it look good
Mahogany gloss
on the maple-tine wood
Got the nighthawk black
Blacks hawkin at night
iPod auxillary
CD?, ion't buy it
In the wheels, all steel
and aluminim mix
And the gas grade's between
88 and 86

You loved it. Try singing along with the instrumental.

"I got peace like pie has delicious"
//mass potential

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