Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Post... hmm.

Good morning everyone! Whats the word? Maybe even... whats the sentence for those of you who talk alot! LOL. I'm at work right now, extra bored and decided "you know what?, I'ma make a blog spot!"... yeah, I'm just random like that. So here are some interesting things about the last couple of days that will get you caught up to speed...

1. I'm buying a house on the 15th, so yesterday I signed the preliminary paper for that to all go down. I pretty much signed my life away for the next 30 years, but it's beyond worth it. When them taxes come back in 09, I'm rich prior like late comedians (you don't get it... lol). The lady was getting mad while i was at the signing because I kept asking her questions. She betta get over it. Who's payin obscene amounts of money a month? Me? Thats what I thought... answer the questions CHICK! hahaha, moving on

2. I have developed an unhealthy relationship wit "Black Mags" by The Cool Kids.

The song is so effing intoxicating that I had to have watched the Youtube video atleast 200 times in the last 3 days... and I'm not even sure if I'm exaggerating or not. I pray I am. That song is so dope. I need to collab wit those dudes. We'll hook it up.

2.5. Also, this video is hot

This one too.

3. Speaking of music, how's about I get a computer so I can start recording and producing again. I'll bet most of ya'll forgot that I was a musician at all, I haven't produced a mixtape in like 6 months, whats up with that? I actually have a new mixtape that is about done, but I still to add, subtract, multiply and deny some of the content and Jazzy Jeff it up so I can get some Fresh Prints... hahahah, eff you, thats funny. Anyway...

4. umm... I don't think that there is a number 4. So here's some random questions: When is NERD's CD comming out? Why is Nikki Jean so hot? (talkin music here, not attractiveness, although she is easy on the eyes) What the hell does Nouveau Riche even sound like? Why am I scared to find out? Is Mystikal still in jail? I wonder if he's still any good? When the price for iPhone comes down, will it even be worth it to get one? Why doesn't EVERYONE ON EARTH own a Sidekick of some kind (3, ID, LX)? Is anyone else with a Sidekick receiving Viagra emails every two minutes?... LMAO, thats enough for now.

Peace... its whats for dinner.
//mass potential

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