Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Being a Blogger/Passion

Maybe I am following the wrong blogs. I thought blogging was supposed to be an expression of your thoughts, or a sharing of the things that interest you, or make you happy, or get you hype, or make you mad and topic discussion. But lately, all I've been seeing is the same posts aboutthe same ish going everwhere. Are these bloggers really interested in these things? Perhaps. But mostly I think they are just posting what other people want to see.

Iono, maybe I'm over reacting. I think every blog should serve a purpose. So maybe their blog is meant just to entertain. Ok. So I was overreacting. So what. Sue me. I just wish people would be passionate about the stuff they did instead of being shee-ple and doing whatever they though other people wanted them to do.

I think that that is where music is going. Namely, the hip-hop/rap genre. It seems like these days in order to sell records you have to have a huge gimmick or a rediculous following already. Which means the same ol stuff isn't going to get you to the top any more. The way I see it, "getting signed" just doesn't exist anymore. If you want to do music, stop doing it to "get signed". Do it because thats what you love to do. Because if you are hoping to get signed, youre prolly gonna get your feeling hurt. Or you may get signed and get your feelings hurt in record sales. Then the label is gonna hand you a bill. LOL

Maybe I'm leaning today. But Im not pessimistic. I think that music can head in a whole new direction. Thats where my music is going. I stopped carring about "the norm" and what people think a few months back and I have been making some of my most creative and different music since then. Its that passion man. Making music is what I do. (apparently "writing" is not, because this post is horrible. lol). Whatever...


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